Magical ain’t it?!

What makes a perfect fairytale?
Adventure, adversity and all-conquering amour are a good start.

The fairytale princess is the belle of the ball,
(sometimes in name as well as author given looks)
and ultimately, the fairytale is her story.

The fairytale prince is a more elusive character.
Often absent until the climactic crux moment,
at least this mystery man is scripted in at an appropriate cue.

The fairytale foe, spooky and at best, misunderstood?
That’s probably too kind.
Rewrite, scary and up to no good!
(More like it.)

Why am I wittering about fairytales? Oh yes, castles!

Magical ain't it?!

Magical ain’t it?!

Lews Castle, Stornoway.
Turrets galore and a creepy wicker woman for added effect.


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