Lazy Sunday

Today is not a day for wildthings.
Today is a day for tea and sofa.

On a wilder note, I have a new secret wish:
one day, I would like to meet a koala bear!

I’m not a koala-lady,
as in this is not a long-term, favourite animal obsession.
They are just so cute and cuddly looking,
I even dressed as one for Halloween last night!
My boyfriend was my tree, and an excellent job he did too.

I will try to resist overloading my blog with cute things I’ve seen,
but today, since it is Lazy Sunday please forgive my indulgence.

Rare white wombat reported on the BBC News website, Flash video.

Not a koala… but undeniably cute
and another reason to visit Australia someday I think.
Are you reading, Tree?! Pleeeeease.

The camera was a bit blurry (affected by the Witch’s Brew…)
but I may be able to post some costume pictures of our koala/tree effort soon.

Just not today, it’s Lazy Sunday.


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