Happy Saturday

Talk about lazy Sunday! Lazy week more like!
(On the blog front, work etc. has continued as normal…)
Time flies! Buzz buzz.

Enough lame jokes (sorry).

Today has been a happy Saturday.
I woke up to the sound of breakfast being made,
transferred my sleepy self to the living room sofa
and enjoyed a bit of Saturday Kitchen
with a cup of tea and a yoghurt.
It was blissfully slow-paced, a real antithesis to the work day alarm.

You might conclude from this that I’m not a “morning person”
in the traditional sense of the phrase.
Actually, I LOVE mornings*!
They’re probably my favourite part of the day,
because you’ve still got the rest to look forward to.

If anything, it’s alarm clocks I don’t like.
Unless they have a snooze button,
in which case we have more chance of getting along...

*Secret note… I also LOVE sleep.
Duvets feature heavily in my natural habitat.
I think I’m starting to prefer earlier nights to excessive lie ins though,
is that a sign that I’m getting old?


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