Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Relocating to Aberdeen is one of the biggest moves
I have made in my life so far.
Just like me, my friends have had to make similar decisions
in seeking graduate employment
or compromising for the sake of relationships.
Mine was a mixture of both.

That’s a bit about me anyway.
Lucky me though, this weekend two of my closest university friends
came to the ‘deen for their first visit!
One from York, one from London.
I met them at the station on Friday.

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Saturday was a blue sky, big wave day here.
I hadn’t been to the beach for a while,
but as my friends were visiting
and I wanted to give them the full tour.

We started off with a walk past Marischal College,
a beautiful, intricate, gothic building
currently leased from the University of Aberdeen by the City Council.

Marischal College

Marischal College

I still don’t have that many facts about Aberdeen
as I still haven’t lived here for that long.
I can tell you however, that the granite city is full of turrets!
A turret-fest if you like.

Turrets around town!

Turrets around town!

(The weather today is a little cloudier…)

We wandered past the Illicit Still and headed down to the harbour
to take pictures of some of the boats.
The girls had a quick look around Union Square shopping centre.
I think they were quite impressed by the number of shops in Aberdeen,
as was I!

We looped round and headed back towards the Art Gallery,
via Slains Castle, an eerie but cool pub on Belmont Street.
Group consensus was to return later for a cocktail
to reward ourselves after a walk to the beach and back…
Any excuse!

(Thank you for visiting me! I had a really lovely weekend!)


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