Christmas dinner no.1

Yesterday I attempted to cook my first, full Christmas dinner.

Preparation occurred in the form of a trip to the shops,
wherein I discovered that none of the small supermarkets in town
have stocked turkey as of yet.

So, armed with a medium chicken, tray of pre-prepared roast potatoes,
bag of carrots, pork and sage stuffing balls and a bottle of fizzy apple juice
(I already had some gravy stock and pigs in blankets at home)
I was ready to go!

The second hurdle (after the no-turkey debacle)
came as I read the chicken instructions.
“Weigh your chicken and cook for 20 minutes per 500g,
plus an extra 20 minutes on top of that.”
No weighing scales.

I looked at my chicken, it was a fair size.
“1.750kg minimum weight” said the label.
“…1 hour 30 minutes”, I concluded after some calculation,
“1 hour 45 just in case”.

That in mind,
I wrote out my schedule (following instructions) and started cooking.
Chicken: 5.50 til 7.35pm
Pre-prepared roast potatoes: 6.30 til 7.35pm
Carrots: 7.15 til 7.35pm
Pork and sage stuffing balls: 7.15 til 7.35pm
Pigs in blankets: 7.20 til 7.35pm
Gravy: 7.30pm

The only tricky bit I found was negotiating oven space.
For example, the chicken, stuffing, roasties and pigs asked for the middle shelf.
How demanding!
I got around this by putting the pigs in blankets
(sausages wrapped in bacon) under the grill.

No mishaps thankfully, the timings all worked well for my oven
and we sat down by 8pm to enjoy a tasty festive feast!


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