It’s behind you!!!!!

The festive season is upon us,
and that can only mean one thing…
it’s pantomime time!
Oh no it isn’t!

Oh yes it is!

It's behind you!!!!!

It's behind you!!!!!

Last Friday we went to His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen
to watch Jack and the Beanstalk.

Oh no it isn't!

Oh no it isn't!

We sat in the balcony, with a great view over the audience
as well as the stage itself.

Oh yes it is!

Oh yes it is!

Before the show had even started
I was enthralled by the detail of the room itself.

From the magic word (Zumba!)
to the intelligently interwoven local jokes,
we were all on our feet feeling the Latin rhythm,
and laughing throughout.

The story is the traditional tale of a dopey lad named Jack,
duped into trading the family “coo” (Moo-Moo)
for a bag of beans.

Jack’s mother, “Heather McBlether”,
is a non-stop chatter box who gets many of the laughs.
In place of the pantomime dame,
“her” costume changes deserve a mention all of their own!

Climbing the magic beanstalk and tackling an angry giant
in aid of Princess Apricot and King Crumble,
Jack and Heather are assisted
by a wonderful Fairy (and her magic thistle).

The audience enthusiasm did not wane,
and the little girl sat beside me really gave it her all
when participation was called for!

Stand out song and dance numbers include
“Simply the Best”, “Thriller” and a local folk song
that really made me laugh,
The Quine that did the Strip at Inverurie“!


2 responses to “It’s behind you!!!!!

  1. Really enjoyed it this year, although think they need to shake up the cast a bit as it’s starting to merge in to one – although the Dame/Junior are an unstoppable force!

    The baddie saying “one cow left in the land, unless you count the chubbers in this room” had me in stitches.

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