Well hello, 2012

Despite receiving such a high level of publicity
what with the approaching London Olympics,
the arrival of 2012 has caught me a little off guard.

I think the feeling is best described as one of being unprepared.

 At the start of last year for example,
my goals were clearer,
as I left one job for another
and moved to Aberdeen with my boyfriend.
I feel incredibly grateful
for the love and support I received in this process.

Well hello, 2012

Well hello, 2012

This year,
January 1st is special for me as it doesn’t mark change,
but instead a chance to take stock, appreciate the present moment
and look forward.

I guess it’s easier to hit the target if you know what you’re aiming at
(just try to enjoy the views along the way).
That’s a bit cheesy isn’t it? Sorry!

Happy New Year everyone!


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