Word of the Week: “Haim”

Haim, haim on the range!

This one is possibly more of an accent thing
than part of the local dialect,
as “haim” = “home”.

For example,
“Haim tae bed.”
(“Home to bed.”)

The same phonetic eI vowel sound in “haim”
(like the word “say”)
is found in “faither” (“father”),
a pronunciation I’ve also heard around Aberdeen.

Next Wednesday: Having a blether!


5 responses to “Word of the Week: “Haim”

      • Chuntee (or Lavee) – Toilet
        Oxter – Armpit
        Tranny – Radio (from Transistor radio)
        Midden – Complete Mess (She was a midden last night)
        Himmen / Himmin – “Hey you”
        Bonus round: Kloot – Cloth


        I bloody love doric, but sadly don’t get the chance to use it much.

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