Word of the Week: “Blether”

It looks like golf has taken over the flat.
Playstation golf that is,
which means the coffee table is relegated to the corner
and I’m sitting at a safe distance
from the invisible swinging golf clubs.
You never know.

REAL golf (not even posed...)

REAL golf (not even posed! Yes, I missed the ball...)

this also means there is not much blethering
going on right now,
as “blether” = “chat” or as I also like to say, “natter”.

It’s quite informal,
I don’t think you blether about serious things.

For example,
“fancy a blether over a cuppa?”
(“fancy a chat over a cuppa?”)

I think “blether” is more general to Scotland
than it is specific to Aberdeen.
I have heard it used a lot
by friends from further south.

Next Wednesday: It’s a bit dreich…


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