Sitting, waiting, fishing…

As Sunday evening settles in,
thoughts of the approaching working week
start to vie for attention.

I choose instead to return
to one of my happiest memories
from last Summer.

Trout fishing on Loch an Tobair,
north of Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.

Here are a few of my pictures,
if anyone else would like to indulge
in a little escapism themselves.

North of Stornoway

Into the wild

Still water

Still waters run deep?

Sitting, watching, waiting

Sitting, waiting, fishing

Brown Trout

Catch of the day!

They say it changes when the sun goes down...

Home time

If they say a place changes when the sun goes down,
it is certainly true of the loch in mid August
when it becomes the midges’ playground.

Unspoilt and utterly beautiful,
I struggle to think of a more peaceful moment
than the few hours that we passed
alone at the water’s edge.

Watching our yellow and orange floats,
clouds came and went overhead
as we fished the brown trout.

I might not have caught the biggest fish,
but the sunset was the best prize
as it turned the water to liquid silver.


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