Word of the Week: “rowie”

For everyone at home,
a “rowie” is a bit like a hard, salty “bread roll”
and flaky like a croissant.

I’m told they are very fattening,
which isn’t that surprising
considering they are also known as “butteries”!

I have tried one,
(as part of my initiation into Aberdeen life)
but I think that’s enough for me.
I’m not a fan of croissants either to be fair.

Oh well, more for everyone else!

Next Wednesday: Where do you stay?


4 responses to “Word of the Week: “rowie”

  1. Top tip – 30 seconds in the toaster and you’re cooking. Or covered in Jam.

    Nom nom nom nom.

      • Absolutely, don’t write them off yet! It’s generally accepted that the best ones in town are from Aitkens in Torry, and if you ever have the means I would get there before 10am and ask for a bag of rowies – have a warm one there and try the rest with Jam.

        Also, if it’s on your way home from town, Thain’s Bakery on george street to a bag of ‘yesterday’s rowies x6 for chump change! Best hangover prevention in the world.

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