Word of the Week: “stay”

I feel like I’ve been a bad blogger recently.
Life gets distracting doesn’t it?!
I’m still here though! Hello!

The week before last,
I went to stay with a friend
for a wedding in Yorkshire.

For me,
this is the use of the word “stay”
that I am most familiar with.
In other words,
to “remain in a temporary sense”,
such as a holiday or overnight stop.

Since moving to Scotland,
I have noticed that “stay”
is often used in place of the word “live”.

For example,
“where do you stay?”
(“where do you live?”)

I was asked this question a lot
in the first few weeks of moving to Aberdeen.
When reversing the question,
I received responses such as
“I stay in Danestone/Garthdee/etc.”
(“I live in Danestone/Garthdee/etc.”)

I find these little differences really interesting!
Can you tell?!

Next Wednesday: Wheesht!


2 responses to “Word of the Week: “stay”

  1. Holy Crap, haven’t used this in a long time (since about Primary School) but it just blew my mind that nobody else uses ‘stay’ to denote their local area!

    Last time this happened to me was with the word ‘Outwith’ (eg ‘outwith the usual circumstances’) Despite being used in the news, in the press and generally accepted, it’s not even a proper word. Prof Arter in the politics dept told my class this… again, mind blown.

    Really enjoying seeing an outsider’s take on the language! 🙂

    • That’s why I love finding new words and different meanings to things! It’s always a surprise!

      “Outwith” is one I would use as well, although not that often.

      Glad you’re enjoying my blog, thank you for all the interesting comments!

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