Word of the Week: “affa”

We’ve already talked about “fine” pieces,
(a.k.a. yummy cakes)
but today I was introduced to an even better phrase,
“an affa fine piece!”

In other words,
“a very, very nice cake!”

“Affa” is a qualifier,
which emphasizes the intensity of a statement.
It’s used in place of  “awfully/awful”.

For example,
“he ate an affa lot…”
(“he ate an awful lot…”)

So really, a super yummy cake!

Next Wednesday: the tale of the spooky wifey…


2 responses to “Word of the Week: “affa”

  1. ‘at’s an affa bonny pair o slippers in yer picture, better mak sure yi dinna get ’em muckit! I think I should put you in a room with my mum for an hour and you’d have material for this feature for ten years :-p

    Spooky Wifie next week, can’t wait to see which one!

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