An Appointment with the Wickerman

Like a few of the Loch Parry Players,
I haven’t yet seen “The Wickerman”
in its original or remade cinematic form.

A few weeks ago however,
I sat in anticipation at His Majesty’s Theatre (Aberdeen),
for my “Appointment with the Wickerman”,
a stage adaptation
by Greg Hemphill and Donald McLeary.

Perusing my programme for “The Whicker Man” [sic],
I uncovered my first clue
(other than the spelling)
that something was amiss.
Upon closer inspection
(and any other crime clichés that come to mind)
my suspicions were quickly confirmed…
Yes, I was about to witness a play within a play.

To set the scene,
strange things are afoot in Loch Parry,
a remote Scottish island community.

The Loch Parry Players (est. 1902),
an enthusiastic amdram company led by Finlay Fothergill,
are struggling to get bums on seats.
(Although apparently that’s not unusual,
and we soon saw why!)

The situation is not helped
by the mysterious disappearance of their lead actor,
Roger Morgan,
replaced at last minute
by a big time TV cop from the mainland,
Rory Mulligan of “Bloodbeat” fame.

Whilst the Players are delighted
to welcome a professional into their troop,
Rory’s initial concerns about the play’s authenticity
are soon overshadowed by a burning question;
what happened to Roger Morgan?
And why are the Loch Parry Players
including Broadway style numbers in a cult horror classic?

The cast, the real cast I should say, were on fire.
Well they did say,
“someone’s going to burn for this!”

A very funny two hours,
I’m glad I didn’t miss my appointment
with the “Wick-Wick-Wicker Man!”

Guess now I’ll have to see the film!


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