Word of the Week: “wifey”

So I’ve waited until bed time to post this one,
of course to make it spookier
and not at all because I almost forgot…

We’ve had quines (girls) and loons (boys),
now it seems it’s the turn of the “wifeys” (women).

I’ve heard the term prefixed
as both “tea wifey” and “spooky wifey”.
The tea wifey I understood as a tea lady,
but spooky wifey?
I had no clue.

It’s a good thing I have friends willing to explain,
or I might still be wondering now.
Apparently this kind of wifey doesn’t make tea,
she makes psychic predictions.
Although she may do both, I have no contrary evidence.

Now I just need another word for man
and I’ll have the full set!

Next Wednesday: eejit!


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