The joy of rockpools

There’s something special about rockpools.
Tiny windows to life in the sea,
who knows what low tide will reveal?

In the rockpools

Check out that wrack

A good rockpool has lots of places for creatures to hide.
Shrimp, molluscs, anemones, crabs;
abandoned by the receding tide,
the rockpool will be their home
until the sea returns to collect them.

By the sea

Watch your step

Crashing waves, fluctuating oxygen, salinity and temperature levels,
desiccation, pollution and disturbance are daily challenges
for rockpool dwellers,
not forgetting the threat of predation
from those higher up the food chain!

Rockpools, Pittenweem

Rockpools, Pittenweem

So whilst it’s fun to look,
and even study the adaptations
of these perilous creatures.
Did you know that sea snails have a little ‘trapdoor’
they can close to stay moist?

Spare a thought for anything you do catch,
and pop it back where you found it so it doesn’t dry out.

Another world

Another world

Oh and watch your step,
even the seaweed has a coating of slimy mucus
to help it stay moist in the sun.

Back to Earth

Back to Earth

Enough rockpool geekery!
Here are some pictures of beautiful Pittenweem.

Pink sky

Pink sky at night, shepherds’ delight?

Pittenweem is a small fishing village
in Fife, on the east coast of Scotland.

Houses by the sea

Houses by the sea, looking onto the rockpools

I took these pictures in December 2009,
but my first visit was at least ten years earlier.

Crates in the harbour

Fishing crates

Funnily enough,
it looked very much the same as I remembered.


Boats in the harbour

A far more peaceful habitat than the rockpools.


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