DRITIKF: West Highland Way route planner

otherwise known as the meaningless acronym
by which I will remember our stops on the West Highland Way,
or WHW if you’re in that frame of mind.

If you’re interested in our route,
we’ve opted for the 7 day plan below.

Lander B&B
(12 miles)

Rowardennan Lodge Youth Hostel
(14 miles)

Drover’s Inn
(14 miles)

By The Way Hostel
(13 miles)

Inveroran Hotel
(9 miles)

Blackwater Microlodges
(19 miles)

Kinlochleven-Fort William
Guisachan B&B
(14 miles)

We’re hoping this will give us enough time to appreciate the route,
without racing along it.
(Although some people do,
check out the West Highland Way Race!)


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