What to pack for the West Highland Way?

I’m just a girl,
standing in front of a 35L rucksack,
asking what to pack?

That’s not actually true,
I packed yesterday.

So what did I pack in my 7 day,
West Highland Way,
35L bag?
(I ran out of rhymes…)

My kit list so far:
Sleeping bag (takes up by far the most room)
Walking boots (will be on my feet most of the time)
Walking trainers (lighter, for evenings etc.)
Walking socks (4 x thick, 4 x liners)
Walking trousers x 2 (1 long, 1 zip-off)
High-wick base layers x 2
T-shirt x 1
Thermal vest x 1
Hooded, zip-up, thin fleece x 1
Fleece gillet x 1
Waterproof coat x 1
Waterproof trousers x 1
Warm hat
Travel towel
Hydration pack
Midge head-net
Camera & charger
Mobile & charger
Pants & socks x everyday

Outside of my bag,
but within the group
we also have:
First aid kit
Guide books

I think that’s everything!

I’m going for the layered approach,
so if it’s cold
I may end up wearing pretty much everything on my list.

Although there are plenty of reputable bag-carrying services
along the way,
we’ve opted to keep our bags with us.

We aren’t camping,
so this was a compromise between
our camping-carrying contingent
and hostel-hands-free horde!

I’ll keep you posted…

P.S. please don’t take my kit list as gospel,
it is not yet tried and tested!


One response to “What to pack for the West Highland Way?

  1. I’d pack as much chocolate / tablet / fudge and sugar as you can – great way to keep you going on very little. Also, keep all of your clothes in seperate plastic bags. They come in handy, can easuly be tied to the outside of your bag, and one total soaking at the start of the walk will mean everything in your bag will be damp forever!

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