Drymen-Rowardennan (14 miles)

An eventful second leg of the West Highland Way saw our group diminish from three to two.

One of our group unfortunately headed home after a stumble on the final descent from Conic Hill escalated from a nasty sprain to a bus detour to Alexandria and a fractured wrist. We miss her a lot, having taxied back to Balmaha to continue the route.

Conic Hill, I should add, provided beautiful views over Loch Lomond.

We continued on from Balmaha along the banks of the loch, through swampy paths, beaches and several steeper climbs. The marshy areas were slower going, and we were glad of our head torch as the sun began to set, taking us in to the youth hostel at Rowardennan.

I didn’t sleep quite as well in the shared dorm as I had at the B&B in Drymen, but the breakfast went down well and the staff kindly helped me set up my bag for the carrying van for the rest of the trip! Two days was enough for me!


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