Tyndrum-Inveroran (9 miles)

Tyndrum to Inveroran may have been the shortest leg of our West Highland Way journey, but as we began our 9 mile saunter past signs declaring, ‘Last shop until Kinlochleven!’, I couldn’t help feeling the fear* a little bit.

Naturally, we took the hint and stocked up on essentials before setting off. In other words, several packets of sweets and some factor 45 sun cream! (Delicate skin, you know.) Did I mention the weather was amazing?

If you’re brave enough to stride past the signs and head out of Tyndrum, the Way continues along easy terrain, surrounded by fine mountain scenery until reaching Bridge of Orchy, a small settlement with a train station and railway underpass.

Inveroran is even smaller in terms of buildings, but really does have a spectacular location. The hotel is set at the bottom of a hillside, beside a loch, with a deer herd as their closest neighbours!

Who needs shops when you’ve got all this?

*I may also have invested in a pair of walking poles from the campsite shop. Like I said, the fear got to me! They did turn out to be a good investment though, more on that later.


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