Kinlochleven-Fort William (14 miles)

14 miles to go!

Of all the sections of our trip, why did the last one have to start with a steep climb out of Kinlochleven?!

Thankfully it wasn’t as arduous as the long descent the day before, and we were soon rewarded with a broad, winding path through the mountains as we headed on towards Fort William.

As the wind picked up, we found ourselves exposed as the clouds drew in around us. No sooner had we kitted up however, the weather moved on leaving us a little overdressed! Waterproofs removed, we once again marveled at how lucky we had been with the weather over the course of the week.

The scenery on the last leg of our journey was somewhat of a surprise. As Ben Nevis crept closer, looming larger, we were taken aback by the mark made by deforestation upon the landscape. It was quite dramatic.

Another long descent and we prepared to re-enter civilisation. We had heard that the end of the West Highland Way tails off along the road into Fort William, but it was upon us sooner than we expected. Congratulating ourselves, we found out after stopping at our B&B that we hadn’t yet reached the official end, which was all the way along the high street! It would have been very disappointing to discover this after leaving Fort William, but at least we were able to complete our walk before dinner, and celebrate again!


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