Tip of the day:
if you ever decide to make an Eton Mess,
don’t leave it in the fridge
(or anywhere else)
for a couple of hours before serving!

As I discovered,
the meringue dissolves.
No great revelation,
but I didn’t think it through.
Not so clever eh!

That in mind,
here’s what I did:

Wash and chop the fruit
(traditionally strawberries)
I had strawberries, raspberries and apricots,
so I used them all.

Chopped fruit

Crush the meringue.

Crushed meringue

Whip the cream.

Whipped cream

Stir the fruit into the cream
and chill until ready to serve.

Mess in the making!
At this point,
stir the meringue into the mixture
and spoon into serving glasses.
Garnish with any spare pieces of fruit.

Eton mess

Et voila!
Easy-peasy, delicious desert!
& if your meringue does dissolve,
it still tastes good, just with a little less crunch.


3 responses to “Eton MESS

  1. Did you, by any chance, also post a recipe for meringue? I’ve tried it once (just egg-whites and sugar) and it just wasn’t what I hoped it would be. I so desperately want to make a pavlova one day!

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