Raspberry Bakewell, Strawberry Bake-not-so-well!

A few weeks ago,
I made a raspberry bakewell
following a simple recipe from BBC Good Food.
As promised, it was quick, easy, moist and tasty,
and was soon polished off by the folk at work.

Raspberry Bakewell

Raspberry Bakewell

After the success of my first attempt,
I promised my boyfriend
(who is not keen on nuts)
that I would bake a version
without the flaked almonds on top.

when I went to get ingredients at the local shop
I realised that I would be baking a version
without raspberries too…!

I ended up using the same recipe,
replacing the raspberries with sliced strawberries,
and omitting the flaked almonds.

the strawberries made the sponge a little too soggy
so it was more of a pudding than a cake.

So here it is, my strawberry bake-not-so-well!
I’ll stick with raspberries in future…

Strawberry Bake-not-so-well

Strawberry Bake-not-so-well

Sliced strawberry bake-not-so-well

Would you like a slice?


2 responses to “Raspberry Bakewell, Strawberry Bake-not-so-well!

  1. I’ll have a slice! Sometimes it doesn’t matter what the food looks like, as long as it tastes good. As far as I’m concerened anyway πŸ˜‰

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