The strange sleeping habits of chinchillas

When we first got our two baby chinchillas, Zeus and Thor,
they were so small that they could easily curl up
next to each other and sleep in the smallest
of the three houses in their cage.

Two's company

Two’s company

On other occasions,
they would choose to sleep on top of their house,
either huddled up side by side,
or having a cuddle.

Side by side

Side by side



Now Zeus and Thor are a bit bigger,
some of their old favourite sleeping positions
are a little less practical.
Don’t worry though,
our clever boys have found a solution
that seems to suit them both.
The answer?
One inside the house and one outside, on top!
What a great compromise.



Why they don’t sleep in either of their bigger houses
is a mystery we haven’t yet solved.
Perhaps that would be too easy.

Too easy?

Too easy?


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