Braemar: A Royal (Deeside) Day Out

No, sadly we didn’t see any royalty on our day out in Royal Deeside…
but we did have fun!

Our day started bright and early with a scenic drive from Aberdeen to Braemar.
It was my first trip into the Cairngorms,
which naturally meant I glued myself to the passenger window
to admire the natural splendor of Royal Deeside as it passed by.
(Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving!)

Mountains, rivers and castles all contributed
to genuinely awe-inspiring surroundings.
I’d love to go back with time to explore the wider area,
but Braemar is well worth a visit in its own right.

The snapshots below are from our wander through the peaceful village
and over the picturesque River Clunie.
It’s not hard to imagine why Queen Victoria took a liking to the area!


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