Gloopy chocolate cupcakes

I know I should probably try some traditional Scottish recipes.
But for now, I’ve made chocolate cupcakes!
The ‘gloopy’ refers to the icing, the cake itself is quite spongy.

Chocolate Cupcakes

Here’s what I did:
Pre-heat oven to 180°C,
or an appropriate equivalent for your oven.

Melt and stir 250g chocolate into 200g butter.
Separate the yolks of 4 large eggs.
Beat the egg yolks into 200g sugar until foamy.
Stir into the melted chocolate/butter mixture.

Beat the leftover egg whites into stiff peaks.
Gently fold into the chocolate/butter/sugar/yolk mixture.
Fold 100g self-raising flour into the mixture.

Spoon mixture into cupcake cases,
filling each to about two-thirds capacity.
Bake for about 20 minutes.

Allow cakes to cool and decorate as you please!
I used chocolate icing and sprinkles.

For the chocolate icing I melted 75g chocolate with 50g butter.
I warmed 50ml milk in a pan and slowly added 250g icing sugar,
stirring until smooth.
In a bowl, I mixed the chocolate/butter with the milk/icing sugar,
then beat until gloopy.

This makes about 12 cupcakes.
I tried this recipe with chocolate chips as well,
but they sank and created a chocolate layer at the bottom of each case…
Goodbye chocolate chips!


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