10 tips for walking the West Highland Way

Thinking of walking the West Highland Way?

West Highland Way

It’s a great experience, taking in 95-miles of beautiful Scotland.
Make some memories and go with friends…
But make sure to take note of our top tips!

1. Footwear
First and foremost, make sure your boots are made for walking!
Break them in. You’ll be glad you did.
Secondly, take a pair of comfy pumps to change into in the evening.
Your feet will appreciate some well-deserved relief!

2. Foot care
A top tip I received was double-socks.
By wearing a thin pair of socks inside my walking socks,
the friction against my feet was somehow reduced.
I didn’t get a blister until our last day of walking.
But take blister plasters in case that doesn’t work for you!

3. Baggage transfer
Make use of a baggage transfer service such as AMS.
I carried my bag until Rowardennan, then gave in due to achy knees
and switched to a day bag.
After that, my bag was waiting safely for me at every stop!
Plus I had a bit more freedom to enjoy the walk.

4. Weather gear
Be ready for unexpected weather!
Take light waterproofs and suncream/sun hat at least.
In general, it is wise to wear comfy, breathable clothes.

5. Head torch
You might not think you’ll need a torch if you are not camping,
but you never know when you might get held up.
Better to be prepared, than forced to hurry as darkness sets in.

6. Water
Essential. A camel pack is great because you can easily drink as you walk.

7. Walking poles
Walking poles are great for relieving the pressure on tired knees.
I purchased a pair when we reached Tyndrum and they helped a lot.

8. Midge net/repellent
Depending upon the time of year you may not need this.
We were fine in April, but a midge net is essential when these beasties are out!

9. Plan ahead
Book early if you’re relying upon B&Bs, hostels etc. for accommodation.
Last year, we booked at the start of February for our trip at the end of April.
Some places were already fully booked.

10. Camera
Not essential, but you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities to use it…


Want to walk this Way?
For more information, head over to the West Highland Way website.


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