5 reasons to drop in at the Drovers Inn

Fancy a break in the highlands?

The Drovers Inn

It’s not often that I will dedicate a post to a pub. A first, actually.
But the Drovers Inn is special, and here’s why:

1. History.
Some say, “Pub of the Year 1705”. Others say it has not changed much since!
The Drovers certainly has retained the character and charm of days gone by,
when highland drovers would rest on their way past Loch Lomond to market.
They say it’s haunted too…

2. Location.
The Drovers is in ideal walking country with the Highlands to the north,
and Loch Lomond to the south.
For those following the 95-mile West Highland Way,
please do not pass the Drovers without taking a look inside.
It is well worth it, if just to check out the “wild haggis”.
Stay if you can!

3. Rest.
When we arrived at the Drovers, all I wanted was a shower and bed!
That’s what 41-miles of the West Highland Way does to a girl.
I didn’t care that some of the facilities were a little dated,
because they were clean and they worked.
The sleep I had at the Drovers was the best along the route.

4. Atmosphere.
Friendly and fun, the Drovers often hosts live music.
After my nap, we hobbled downstairs to a cosy corner of the bar.
If you like a good folk singalong you’d love it!

5. Food.
I don’t want to sound greedy, but we really enjoyed our meal…
Hunter’s chicken and a huge slice of chocolate fudge cake
went down well thank you very much!
Fuel for the next 54-miles of West Highland Way?

Visit the Drovers Inn website for more information and booking.


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