Munro report: Ben More (Isle of Mull)

Our trip to Ben More started bright and early last Wednesday,
when we set our alarms for the first ferry from Oban to Mull.
I was glad I packed my rucksack the night before, less early morning thinking.

Breakfast at our B&B didn’t start until 8am,
but there was a mighty selection available on the boat.
I opted for a bacon roll and a yoghurt to keep me going!

The ferry crossing was relatively short at just 45 minutes.
The drive from Craignure to Dhiseig then took approximately half an hour.

ParkingWe parked the car on the shore side of the A8035.
Across the road, a sign for Benmore told us we’d found the right place.

Benmore EstateIt was a grey morning, but looking back we were still treated
to a reasonable view over Loch Na Keal and the Isle of Ulva.

On the way up Ben MoreThe path was steep but easy enough to follow.
It was also well-marked by cairns along the way.

CairnsAt about 700m, the rain set in and we scrabbled to pull on our waterproofs.
The encroaching mist may have limited visibility,
but there was something a bit other-worldly about walking in a cloud!

SummitWe took a few breaks but reached the summit after about 2.5 hours.
In better weather I imagine the view over Mull would be quite spectacular.
As it was, we munched down a sandwich in the summit shelter
and headed back down pretty sharpish!

ShoreThe whole walk took a satisfying 4.5 hours.


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