Munro report: Schiehallion

Our day at Schiehallion started with rain.
Rain and an abandoned rose, floating in a stream.

RoseThe initial path from the Braes of Foss car park was easy going.

Up we goFeeling positive, we zig-zagged up the hillside,
passing some ruined sheep fanks
and pausing to look back as the views developed.

Enjoying the viewThe rain stopped, but the path grew steeper and rockier.
We soon saw one of Schiehallion’s ‘false summits’, of which we were warned.

False summitsOnce we were on the rocky path up Schiehallion’s spine,
it was a case of watching our footing on sometimes loose and slippery stones.

RainbowA bit of sunshine through the clouds rewarded our efforts with a rainbow!

The summitI didn’t take as many pictures as we approached the summit,
but another gap in the clouds provided a window to the world below.

View from the topWe had a quick bite at the summit before heading back the way we came.
The hike took us just over four hours.


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