Blueberry and vanilla butterfly cupcakes


Butterfly cupcakes are pretty cute,
especially when you colour the buttercream pink
and pop a fresh blueberry on the top.

Last week we had a charity cake sale at work,
which was a perfect excuse to dust off the mixing bowl
and retrieve the baking tray from the back of the cupboard.

I went with the tried and tested method:
200g x self-raising flour, caster sugar and butter,
3 eggs, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence.
Baking took 20 minutes at 180 degrees,
in which time I stirred up a bowl of pink buttercream
with 150g butter and 160g icing sugar.

A healthy snack this is not…

Once the cakes cooled I scooped a cone of sponge from the top,
which I cut in half to use as wings. Et voila!
A dollop of buttercream and a blueberry finished the design.

 As an afterthought, a blob of blueberry jam
beneath the buttercream might have gone down well.
I guess I’ll have to make them again…


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